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In uncertain times, it is good to have an objective to aim for!In spring 2021 , our two person team will attempt to climb Everest via the Southeast Ridge. Our plan is to climb the highest mountain on the earth, without the use of extra oxygen and Sherpa support above basecamp, just like we did when we successfully climbed Manaslu (8163m) in 2018. We also would like to give a good example by taking all our personal (also human) waste off the mountain and leave nothing but a boot print behind.Initially this expedition was planned for spring 2020, but got postponed due to the pandemic. However, we have stayed positive and are striving towards our goal again. It is a great incentive to train hard for and an awesome dream to live towards.Follow us on our amazing adventure and journey, on FB and Instagram.

Roeland van Oss – Sanna Raistakka

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