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On the streets of Kathmandu. Since our arrival a few days ago we have taken it easy: done a few strolls around the beautiful Boudha stupa, slept, unpacked and met up with the expedition organizer for final details as well as seen a couple of friends.The first picture here is of a Unesco World Heritage site, the Boudha stupa, which is one of the largest stupas in Nepal. Our apartment is actually just around the corner from this beautiful place so we can also do our daily meditational walks around it.The second is of painted words of wisdom we saw on the walls of a school. Something we all could remember and practise. And the third is of a cookingpot-shop-on-wheels. Love it!It is slightly unreal to finally be here after such a long time of planning, talking and dreaming about it and very much looking forward to the next phase of this journey.

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