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How does it work with food on the expedition?

Our base camp service includes all the meals in the base camp so that part is taken care of, but for the rest, it’s a time consuming, complex task to get it right.

We’ve calculated breakfast, lunch and dinner for two for the acclimatization peak as well as the main goal itself and some snacks for the trek-in. So it’s a lot of food.

About 9kg’s of freezedried meals got sent in last year already with a friend who held on to it until we actually arrived a year or so later.Thank you Tendi Sherpa .

Then, in the last few days we have been shopping in the local supermarkets where the choices for cookies can be overwhelming (as seen in the second photo).
We’ve gotten a selection of nuts, dried fruits, soups, crackers, noodles and about 7,5kg’s of chocolate. That should keep us going for some time.

The total weight of the food now stands at about 35kg’s and this we will have to distribute between a few bags along with the gear to go to base camp.

The quarantine is done and we have just gotten the second, negative PCR test so we are off to the Himalayas finally tomorrow.

Myself and Roeland van Oss are pretty excited!

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