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The storms passed during the night and this morning the sun was shining with majestic, snowcapped summits peeking behind the mountains.Aaah,what a sight!

The trail toward Namche Bazar (3440m’s) was very mellow to begin with until the last 500 vertical meters of uphill,which slowed you down: we were now getting to higher altitudes and you could feel it.
We actually climbed an additional 300m’s above Namche to acclimatize better and as a result I got a small headache.Oh well..

So far the trails and villages have been really quiet compared to normal times and it is sad to see so many lodges closed during a peak season.This is the effects of the pandemic.

However,many yak and donkey caravans are going up and down the trails bringing equipment and food to Everest base camp (and other places) so at least there is some activity in this beautiful region.

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