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Sanna and Roeland are now officially starting their incredible ‘Everest no O2’ adventure with a 6,189m peak as acclimatiser/appetiser! They’ll be leaving from Chukhung village (4,730m) to reach the base camp of Imja Tse, better known as Island Peak, by Wednesday, and attempt its summit thereafter.

Here is one of the views they’ll come across on the way:

Left: south face of 8,516m Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world
Snowy/rocky peak in the distance: Imja Tse/Island Peak

They’ll probably dodge a few crevasses and dig into some of their 7.5 kgs of chocolate (!) on the way. They won’t get to see Mount Everest from the top just yet – although just a mere 10 kms away, the roof of the world will be blocked by the massive wall of Lhotse, towering 2,300m above their heads. 

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Séverine – on behalf of Sanna and Roeland

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