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[04-05 April 2021] 

After a good dinner, sleep and breakfast in #Chukhung we packed our bags again and walked back up to the high camp of #IslandPeak (5400m). Because all our gear was in high camp already, our packs were relatively light.

At 04.00 the alarm went off and there was no wind – first time in days – but the thermometer did show it was -22 Celcius… Brrr… We climbed back up to Crampon Point and from there on we continued roped up between the seracs and soon we saw the summit. Around 6000m’s we had a good look at the last bit towards the top, but sadly we had to conclude that it wasn’t going to happen: the last steep face had no snow on it and only loose rock remained. It had been a very dry winter in the #Himalayas and that made it too risky to climb through the last 200 meters.

We had gotten to 6000m’s without any issues and had amazing views+ good acclimatisation so with or without the summit, it was a successful attempt.

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