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[08 April 2021]

After a three-day rest in #Dingboche, it was time to say a warm goodbye to our wonderful hostess at #SnowLionLodge who had taken such great care of us during these past days. It had become a home away from home: Roeland had stayed here five years previously and myself about thirteen years ago. And without a doubt we will return again.

Still, we were very excited to continue our journey on foot finally to #Everest Base Camp (EBC). We’d been on the trail for a couple of weeks now so we were keen to get to the start of the main goal.

You could not have asked for a better day for it either: finally the wind had stopped, skies were blue and the mountains surrounded you on all sides. It was magnificent.


Most people would stop along the way for another night before EBC, but as we had already acclimatized we decided to do the whole distance in one go with a lunch break in #Lobuche (4,800m). Now the terrain was getting even more barren and rough, though the beauty of it remained. We passed the last settlement called #GorakShep (5,100m), which was like the last frontier town in a western movie. After this there was nothing, but yak caravans and moonscape scenery to walk through until EBC.

The last part of the trail snaked on the side of the #Khumbu glacier and slowly, but surely, our final destination was revealing itself: groups of small, colorful tents dotted along the ice at the top end of glacier; the jumble of the Icefall – the challenging gateway to the summit; and the dark, rocky summit of Everest itself.

It was a pretty exciting and a surreal moment for both of us to finally be at the door step of this grand adventure we had planned for so long.

Everest Base Camp bottom left
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