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In the last few days we’ve had a few set backs, but this is part of expeditioning, I suppose.

A few days ago we were planning to go on a rotation, but there was an accident in the Icefall, which required re-routing some of the track to Basecamp 1 so everyone stayed clear off the Icefall. Luckily the accident was not fatal and the persons involved are recovering now.

In the meanwhile we went exploring the neighbouring area past Gorak Shep, to get a change of scenery, but unfortunately had to turn back early as we both started feeling unwell. We’ve spent a few days recovering from our ailments (Roeland has sinus issues and myself something similar), but it’s not so easy at these altitudes.

While recovering in basecamp (BC), a 24-hour cold front blew into the camp and dropped about 20 cm’s of snow, obscuring anything in sight further than 100m’s away. It was a first proper storm like that and the precipitation was welcome, although the fierce wind blew most of the snow elsewhere.

This storm then caused more havoc in the Icefall: either a serac fell or an avalanche came down, it’s hard to say which one, and more work was needed to secure a safe passage to the upper reaches of the mountain, although the Icefall Doctors managed to do so yesterday.

Weather is now pretty good for rotations so many teams left on Friday night and Saturday morning, but we are still undecided about our departure higher up. 

We had similar set backs on Manaslu in 2018 and it can mentally quite hard to deal with, especially when you feel that the clock is ticking and that you should be up on the mountain making progress, but can’t.

But, first things first and that is getting back in top form. I am sure we will get our chance to proceed soon in 100% health and catch up with our climbing schedule. And in the meanwhile we’ll dig deep into the bag of positive thoughts ☺

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