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About 10 days ago we went down the valley where we spent three days in the village of #Dingboche at about 4,350m, eating well and sleeping a lot. And it seemed to do the trick. In #basecamp (BC) we just could not shake off what we had, but the 1,000m lower altitude, warmer weather, and the kind and warm welcome at our favourite lodge, The Snow Lion Lodge in #Khumbu, really set us back on the road to recovery. That and a visit to a doctor who gave us a bagful of medicines for throat infections.

Admittedly, it was also quite a tough time. At one stage Roeland was so poorly that we thought it was the end of the expedition. Then came the devastating news from India, Kathmandu going into lockdown, and people getting sick in #BC.
We discussed many options at great lengths as to what we should do, and in the end, we decided to return to BC once we felt better — to see how the mood was and how we felt once there.

So a week ago we walked back to BC, by now both of us feeling almost back to normal, although with a little less energy, but that was expected after not having been well for a while.

The day came when it was time to return back to BC. Our bags were nothing compared to what these guys carried

On our return we resumed the mask wearing and social distancing as much as possible, and in fact, so did our whole camp. Our team is very small anyway so it is easier to manage and since we also felt better, Roeland and I decided to continue with the project at hand and go for another rotation…

It was gloomy-looking returning back to BC, but at the same time it was exciting. We finally felt better and now we could see what we could do

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