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To aid our acclimatization we stayed in camp 2 (#C2) for an extra day just resting. The previous days’ efforts had cost us in energy so this was the perfect opportunity to get some of it back.

It was a sunny morning so we sat outside in the baking sun, taking in the magnificent view all around us. We were in the middle of a massive amphitheater of steep, snowy faces of #Lhotse, #Everest, and #Nuptse. And what a spectacular sight it was too! From our camp you could also see a few tiny, ant-like dots slowly climbing up the Lhotse face, towards camp 3 somewhere around 7,000m. 

Rest day in C2 was spent watching and listening to impressive avalanches shooting down the Nuptse face. Luckily they were not too close to our camp

Our second camp is at the far end at around 6,400m and therefore is closer to the Lhotse face. It being closer makes the next step shorter.

The top end of camp 2 at 6,400m. Fierce winds blew off Nuptse on the left

As part of the #basecamp service there is also a cook and a small dining tent here for the whole season, but we’ve brought our own food to the mountain so we left the dining tent for the other members. Although we have accepted the kind offers of tea or lunch ☺

The dining tent in camp 2. We mostly cooked our own food, but a couple of times we were invited for lunch, which we gladly accepted

During our rest day we pretty much did not much else than resting and eating. And got some glacier ice to melt into water for the next day. By the afternoon it was cloudy again and a few snowflakes dropped down so we stayed firmly in the sleeping bag until dinner time when we got ready for the following days’ excursion up to camp 3.

Another rest day activity was to hack some ice to melt into water later on

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