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After a four-day rotation in the high altitudes it was time to go back down to basecamp (#BC) for much deserved rest before the next round. We were quite happy with the last few days’ efforts, and with most of the important gear now in place, next time we would come up with our downsuits and some other small items.

Downhill was nice and easy, especially between C2 and C1
These buggers are my least favourite thing on the whole route: the wobbly ladders

The weather was staying good so many teams were heading up although it was mostly the super-strong Sherpas carrying a multitude of things — mainly oxygen bottles for their clients’ summit bids. One of our team Sherpas had done the same by taking several bottles of O2 from camp 2 (#C2) to #SouthCol the night before, and it had been a 18-hour day for him. He was even too tired to eat that evening when he returned from his mission. It is impressive beyond words how hard these guys work.

Going downhill was pretty fast and easy, and before lunch we were already back in BC, ready to enjoy the first hot showers in several days, some tasty meals, and lots of rest.

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