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Time is ticking and weather is being a little tricky so on Tuesday this week we left for our final foray higher up on the mountain. This time we pushed on directly from #basecamp (#BC) to camp 2 (#C2), which is a bit of a long day. It took us about 9.5 hours with breaks — the last bit to C2 was tough and seemed to stretch on an eternity, although in reality, we were faster than before. 

There are a few places in the #Icefall where you can stop for a rest
On every trip this crevasse gets wider. Now it’s two ladders stitched together held on by three ropes at the other end. Luckily we only have to go across it two more times

The idea of this last trip was to sleep at #C3 and potentially climb higher to let our bodies get used to the thinner air for the summit push later on. High winds were predicted to start again soon so our window for this acclimatization was tight, but doable.

Rest day breakfast in C2. The single push from BC to C2 was a 9.5-hour job and rest day was necessary after that

We had a rest day in C2, the first half of the day being a beautiful blue skied day with a ‘rainbow’ halo in the sky, though the second half was somewhat different: it got so breezy and snowy that you could barely see the neighbouring tents.

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