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The rest period is now over and the time has come to get ready for the summit attempt. The weather forecasts have been changing on a daily basis and so it did this morning also, showing us that we need to leave tonight if we want to avoid the next lot of bad weather coming.

We’ve had a good long rest and, in fact, are as ready as we can get for a summit push. Mentally we feel excited and energized to give it a go; physically we’ve slept, rested, and eaten as much as our bulging bellybuttons allow. Now that the brief gap of calm is on the mountain, we’ve got to grab with both hands and go for it.

There will be many other teams there too, but we are hoping that the several, clear weather days will spread the summit teams in a way that allows everyone to have a go within the safest possible way, space, and time.

As the summit date itself may still change I won’t jinx it by writing it down ?, but hopefully we can give you some good news in a few days’ time.

Wish us luck!

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