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It  was partially sad to say goodbye to our awesome base camp crew on this cloudy morning, but at the same time we were excited to hit the trail again and start our long, complicated journey  home.

The next cyclone was on its way so we were glad to get on the way,though in the following days we also got the brunt of it.

The first day was dry, but cloudy and gloomy.But it didn’t really matter,it was still beautiful, but in a different way.Because you could not see the mountains anymore you looked more around you on the ground level and there were still many amazing things to look at.

The lower we got,the greener it got,something we had not seen in weeks. The first flowers also popped up in our vision by the time we got to Pheriche. Our aim for that day was Pangboche, which was at an altitude of 3900m’s .We tried to walk as far as we could ,because the next days the weather sounded bad, aand only just did I make it there.We were still tired.

The trails were truly empty of people and we had been advised to be careful when staying in lodges due to Covid. By the time (I) stumbled into Pangboche, Covid wasn’t the problem since there were barely any people , but finding a place to stay for the night was: everything  was closed.  By chance we found the only lodge open who gave us shelter for the night.

It felt good to be on the move again, going downhill and going toward home.

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