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In Kathmandu.

We’ve been in the capital of Nepal for four days now and finally we are flying back home tonight. Or so we hope?.
Due to the very uncertain situation here it’s been very tricky to plan your trip to Europe.

Kathmandu is still in lockdown. It was extended for another week and although international flights were suppose to resume from June 1st onward to some extent, last minute changes were made and as a result the flights that we had booked, got cancelled the following day. So did the next flight and also the third!?.You can imagine the money we’ve spent on these unusable tickets in these past days. Finally, we are on an eye watering expensive charter flight home, but at least it is going towards the right direction.

You are allowed out for two hours in the morning from 7-9am to do your daily shop. Everything else is closed, but you can get fruits & veggies or get medicine from the pharmacy, although we have also seen some dodgy action of bread buns being exchanged for cash through slightly ajar doors.
Apart from that you have to stay in your hotel and luckily we have a cute little place where to spend our time, which is fine for a few days.

It is bizarre to see normally so busy Kathmandu and Thamel this quiet and empty. I really hope this is their final lockdown and soon they will be able to get back to normal business of life, because this is really sad to see.

As for us, this is now the official end of the expedition (or when that plane leaves the tarmac to be precise?) and it sure has been an great adventure until the very end with its challenges, obstacles and uncertainties. But it has all ended well and we are happy to be on our way home?.

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